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Trade Licence Renewal 2024-2025


  1. I/We do hereby affirm and state that the information to be furnished by me/us in the trade license new or renewal application are true and correct to the best of my/ our knowledge and belief.
  2. I/ We further declare that I/We am/are aware that the trade license application is specifically for the Trade for which it is to be issued and does not regularize unauthorized constructions, or violations of building by laws and regulations and that I/We may be prosecuted for such infringements even though I/We have obtained a trade License under the act.
  3. I/We further understand that the Trade license may be suspended or cancelled in the event it is found that the business is being run in the premises that violating existing rules and zonal regulations as per the Comprehensive Development Plan 2015 issued by Bangalore Development Authority.
  4. I/We further undertake to have no objection in the authorities revoking the trade license in case there is any discrepancies,disputes,defects or false information in any documentation that is submitted by me/ us as stated in the application form.
  5. I/ We undertake that I/We will not employ/engage child labour for the purpose of carrying the trade.
  6. I/ We declare that incase of any objections/Complaints raised by immediate neighbors,I/We shall furnish all the documents and take corrective action as per the KMC act.

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